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Medical tourism

Detail One-stop support for booking and aftercare at Korean Beauty Clinics.

Reduce preparatory stress and post-treatment burdens with the Korean aesthetic medical specialized app 'aroom' and on-site support in Korea.

Step.1Clinic Search, Comparison, and Booking

Korean beauty medical app 'aroom'

Search, compare, and book beauty clinics in Korea.
You can also ask for translation and hotel transfers.

Step.2Aesthetic medical procedures

Korean beauty clinics

After booking the clinic in Step ①, you will receive the actual treatment in the clinic.
Translator will accompany you at the clinic. (Advance reservation required)

Step.3Downtime care

Downtime Lounge

A lounge where you can exchange information and socialize in the densely populated Gangnam area known for its beauty clinics.

Care Supplies Delivery

Delivery of food and essential items needed during downtime to your hotel. (Available in certain areas)

Step.4 Post-procedure care in Japan

Domestic beauty clinics

Search, compare, and book Japanese beauty clinics for post-treatment stitch removal and maintenance care.