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Message from CEO

CareCraft Inc. CEO Mizuki Hirota

In the modern era, where advances in technology have made crossing borders more accessible than ever, the choice to transcend borders in the pursuit of beauty and health has emerged. We founded CareCraft with the heartfelt desire to support all those who aspire to self-improvement and are ready to take that unknown step in such a time.

The field of aesthetic medicine is prone to information imbalances, and this issue becomes even more pronounced when it comes to aesthetic medical procedures abroad. However, we believe that by providing fair information and a reassuring environment, we can lower the barriers to obtaining aesthetic medical treatment abroad. Our vision extends beyond just Japan and South Korea, as we aim to expand our medical tourism business worldwide, working towards a society where individuals have the freedom to make choices without the constraints of borders.

We are committed to embracing our customers, adapting to the ever-changing society, and carrying the mission of continuous growth in our hearts. We aspire to be a support for all those who seek transformation not for someone else but for themselves, walking together to create a better future.


To offer the best options transcending borders for loving one's body and mind.

We focus on beauty and health 'For self-love' and provide the world's best support options for the ever-changing bodies and minds across different life stages.


Company name Carecraft Inc.
Address Marunouchi JP Tower, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-7022 Japan
Board member MIzuki Hirota
Shun Takayama
Establish 2023.5
Service Development and operation of Korean beauty clinic search app “aroom” Medical tourism business